"Tradition- what I brought from home, all I am proud of my parents, and all that I have to carry on that they will be proud of me.
There is a recipe that tastes at age 14, which is a task at age 18, at age 25 it exists because everything exists, at age 33 this is an obligation, at age 41 it is much more, almost everything.
School, hotel, hospitality, catering, trade and finally the Sausage, which was everywhere, and all this had to happen that to be alright now.
Simple yet perfect, interactive, creative, but most of all delicious. Especially if those make it whom understand it, who first made it, who remixes it, who wraps it, who calculates it, who sells it, and who says: I like it.
The Factory as a human scale, where the quality is as we love it, and this quality is not only for the marketing. Where the products are really from meat and really with wood, where there are some robots, but only smalls.
We are at home, we trust in the opportunities provided by the country, we trust in our experiences, in each other and that’s why we decided to fill it, moreover to refill it." 

our products



tradition refilled



refresh at any time



brutal healthy



unity is trength


Primary commodity

 We are believers of naturalness
We belive the good things are natural and additive free. Naturally, not meat and flavour -free. We guarantee freedom from additives, lactose, soy and gluten in return we are committed to high quality materials. Thus, our products have exactly the same natural and traditional taste as 30 years ago.
We have maximum confidence in the local forces
In the Manufactory we only work with carefully inspected pork and gray cattle. Buy our rich flavored spices, paprika and garlic, also from domestic producers.

GLUTeN-, LAcTose-, soya free

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