Decades of tradition with innovative ideas
Our Manufactory is located in Gödöllő in a calm atmosphere, close to the capital. Equipped with the 21th century’s technology we guarantee the constant high quality. Although our Manufactory is one of the most modern food plant, we did not say goodbye to the traditional flavours. 

Stricktly contorlled suppliers
Only high-quality pork and gray cattle arrive to the Manufactory. In each case the meats are inspected, then minced and seasoned also with the controlled spices. In the next phase we mix, stuff and smoke it with beech and cherry woods. Thus, the quality is guaranteed not only by modern equipments, also by our partners and our know-how. Our Manufactury has the Certificate IFS FOOD Version7.

Back to the future
We make great attention to the sustainability. We use solar system, waste heat and recycle the rain water. We develop the packaging technology and looking for green solutions. We do our best for future generations to get to know our products!

 Innovative flavours
We don’t stop for a moment, we expand our portfolio with seasonal and limited editions, using special ingredients and rethought seasoning.


The manufactory from a bird's eye view

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