Brutal healthy


Makes you balanced
The White products are characterized by restrained seasoning and reduced salt and fat content. In addition we pay attention to the smoky and characterful taste. We use strictly controlled pork and high quality hungarian spices.
White products goes well with vegetables. These products are not spicy at all, perfect choice for children’s snacks.

Variations: Snack sausages, sausages, salamies, grill sausages.


Smoked with beech

sweet paprika


GLUTeN-, LAcTose-, Soya free


primary commodity

We are believers of naturalness
We belive the good things are natural and additive free. Naturally, not meat and flavour -free. We guarantee freedom from additives, lactose, soy and gluten in return we are committed to high quality materials. Thus, our products have exactly the same natural and traditional taste as 30 years ago.

GLUTeN-, LActose-, SoyA free


further products

Everyone loves it different way
With our four product family- Orange, White, Green and Red- we try to find everyone’s taste. In addition to the strongly, softly or specially seasoned products you can find sausages and salamies with reduced salt and fat.
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